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Summary: RumpelstiltskinRSS is a web based RSS reader for your Gengo Jobs RSS. After some one-time steps (see below, under 'Getting started'), you can use any browser on any device to alert you for new jobs. As a bonus, RumpelstiltskinRSS does some filtering for you so you will only be alerted if the size and level of the job meet your preferences, taking the time of day into account.

Getting started: To use RumpelstiltskinRSS, create an account, log in and enter your Jobs RSS on the Preferences page. Set the other preferences as desired, and save them using the 'Save preferences' button. Then press the 'Start checking for jobs' button.

From then on, RumpelstiltskinRSS will (under the current settings) check every 60 seconds for new jobs that match the details you set on the Preferences page. If it finds one, it alerts you using a sound.

Main features: Upon alerting you for a job, RumpelstiltskinRSS will present to you some information about the job's size and level. E.g.,
$1.23 S. 41 w [Hide]

means the rewards for this job is $1.23, the level is Standard and it consists of 41 words; use the Hide button if you're not interested in this one. The line is tight so it fits on a small screen. (Readability on a small screen is also the reason for the use of, when judged on a large screen, ludicrously huge buttons and text.)

If you like the job, or want to find out more details, the line is also a link to the workbench of the job. With a bit of luck, you can follow the link to view the job, and possibly accept it.

Known issue and workaround: Alas, on my iPod this link won't work. When I tap it, all I get is an empty screen. This is not RumpelstiltskinRSS's fault. The link is correct, but the old browser version on my iPod does not support some modern JavaScript features that are used in the workbench. So I use the iPod only to get the alert sound and quickly check the size and level of the job. If I want to accept the job, I rush to my desktop computer, which also has RumpelstiltskinRSS running, bring RumpelstiltskinRSS on the desktop to the front, and use the link displayed there.

Caveat: Your browser must keep running. On a desktop/laptop this won't be an issue. You can open RumpelstiltskinRSS in one window in your browser, and then switch to another window or application for whatever other task you want to do. RumpelstiltskinRSS will refresh in the background every 60 seconds, and when it detects a job that meets your preferences, play its sound to alert you.

On a mobile device, however, you can only use RumpelstiltskinRSS by running your browser in the foreground, so you won't be able to use the device for anything else. Also, the device should not be allowed to sleep. Keeping it awake will easily drain your battery. Speaking for myself, I still find it useful to run RumpelstiltskinRSS on my iPod touch which I carry around when I am at home but away from my desktop computer. You just have to grow the habit of recharging the device whenever possible, and reopening RumpelstiltskinRSS after using the device for something else.

Caching: RumpelstiltskinRSS uses a caching mechanism to limit the contact with Gengo's servers to a single request per 60 seconds under all circumstances. Thus you can have as many browsers/devices simultaneously use RumpelstiltskinRSS as you like, without breaching Gengo's demand to access your Jobs RSS at most twice per minute. In fact, it's even okay to use 1 different RSS reader that checks once per minute, along with RumpelstiltskinRSS. (The planned time for refreshing the cache is displayed as 'Next check: ____'; it won't change if you manually reload the page, and it is the same on each device you use.)

If you have any questions about RumpelstiltskinRSS, or suggestions to improve it, you can contact me via

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